The ISC (International Conference on Geotechnical and Geophysical Site Characterization) conferences are the major events in the life of ISSMGE's TC102 (Technical Committee for Ground Property Characterization from In-Situ Tests). Since 1998, it will be the 6th time that geotechnical engineers and geophysicists from all over the world will gather and share their knowledge and experiences. As the conference is going to be an outstanding event it is an excellent opportunity to sponsors and exhibitors to display their skills, services and products.

Expectedly the professional audience at the conference will be from all of geotechnical and geophysical fields.

The venue of the event is Budapest Congress Center (BCC) which is a professional conference location in Budapest. During the conference BCC provides opportunity for interested exhibitors and sponsors to showcase their equipment and technology inside the building of the conference center and in the outdoor parking lot.


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Detailed information about Exhibition and Sponsorship opportunities can be found in here.

Exhibion space layout.

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Terms and Conditions for Sponsors and Exhibitors

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