Keynote Lectures  

Mitchell Lecture

Fernando Schnaid
On the geo-mechanics and geo-characterization of tailings


Kenneth H. Stokoe
The Increasing Role of Seismic Measurements in Geotechnical Engineering
Jason DeJong
Integrated Site Characterization: Current Practices, Emerging Opportunities & Research Needs
Ray Wood
Integrating Recent Advances in Industry Site Characterization Capabilities to Reduce Unforseeability in Sub-Surface Conditions for Capital Works Projects
Silvano Marchetti Lecture

The 1st Silvano Marchetti Award will be awarded at ISC'6 in memory of Professor Silvano Marchetti. This award will be granted to an author with a publication concerning the dilatometer (DMT and/or SDMT). Full details of the award and information on the application process may be found here.

Invited Lectures  

Helmut Schweiger - Marcos Arroyo
New Advances in Numerical Modelling of CPT
Joek Peuchen
Geo-intelligence from databases of offshore in-situ tests in public domain
Rainer Massarsch
Settlement analysis of granular soils based on CPT and DMT investigations.
Catherine Jacquard
The pressuremeter : recent developments in testing and design methods
Don J. DeGroot
Recent advances in sampling and laboratory characterization of intermediate soils
Jean-Sebastien L'Heureux
The Norwegian GeoTest Site Infrastructure Project
Sebastiano Foti
Uncertainties in seismic site characterization
Patrick Mengé
Quality control of ground improvement works for large land reclamations
Serge Varaksin
A case study of ground improvement optimization in Hungary using CPT and PMT
António Viana Da Fonseca
Equivalent Soil Profiles: CPTu-based soil classification for LIQUEFACT
Richard Jardine
Recent developments in CPT based design procedures for driven piles
Richard Ray
Harmonizing Dynamic Property Measurements of Hungarian Soils
Cor Zwanenburg - Bo Vesterberg - Priscilla Paniagua - Mike Long
ELGIP peat group – outline of research into peat behaviour
Klaus Thoeni - Stephen Fityus - James Cudmore - Anna Giacomini
Structural characetrisation of rock mass defects: a comparison of traditional and emerging technologies
Paul Mayne
New Case Studies Validating Direct CPT Footing Method
László Szilvágyi
Soil Investigation Routine in Hungary
Marcos Arroyo
Geotechnical characterization: does it fit in a code? An European perspective
Imre Emőke - Zsolt Hortobágyi - M. Hegedűs - V. P. Singh
Evaluation of total stress dissipation test data


The Organizers togeather with the Local and Scientific Commitees are working hard to select keynote lectures and invite speakers to the conference. They will be announced as soon as we are able to confirm them.