On the first day of the conference, Sunday, September 26th, we arrange various short courses and workshops, to extend the technical programme of the conference. These courses require seperate registration, which can be done convinently through the conference registration system.

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Short courses


Short courses

In situ testing using the DMT, the SDMT and the Medusa DMT


This course is focused on in-situ testing equipment, in particular the Flat Dilatometer (DMT), the Seismic Dilatometer (SDMT) and the Medusa DMT. A technical presentation will introduce in detail working principle, test procedure and interpretation of the field readings to obtain geotechnical parameters for design. Comparisons with results of other soil testing equipment will be shown. The presentation will illustrate all of the main geotechnical applications for which this test is commonly used worldwide with practical examples and also the latest research topics and findings. Experience offshore will also be addressed, particularly for performing Vs measurements in nearshore conditions and for very deep offshore Dilatometer testing (Medusa DMT). Invited speakers will share their direct experience in case history projects. A final discussion involving both participants and speakers will address all possible topics of interest.

Participants will have the opportunity to simulate DMT and SDMT tests in the classroom.

This short course is for both attendants that are not familiar with the DMT/SDMT/Medusa as well as experienced users, considering the recent developments of the last years. Certificate of attendance will be provided to each participant.



Eng. Diego Marchetti, Studio Prof. Marchetti – Italy

Prof. Paola Monaco, University of L’Aquila – Italy

Prof. Sara Amoroso, University of Chieti-Pescara – Italy


The short course is organized by Eng. Diego Marchetti, Studio Prof. Marchetti – Italy.

Duration: whole day (9 am - 4 pm).

Short course participation fee: 80€





“Towards …standardisation” 

Date: 16:00 to 18:00 September 26th 2021

Location: Hungarian Academy of Sciences or Budapest or Budapest Congress Centre


Tentative program: cca 25 min / presentation, can be longer

  • Joek Peuchen, Fugro: Pore presssure dissipation tests for offshore geohazards
  • K. Rainer Massarsch: Pore water dissipation following pile driving in clay.
  • Diego Marchetti: The dissipation test performed with the standard DMT,  with the Medusa DMT, partial drainage.
  • Laurin Hauser, Helmut Schweiger :  "Numerical study on cone penetration and the dissipation afterwards".
  • Osman, Ashraf S. : Penetration modelling
  • Emoke Imre - Stephen Fityus - Lachlan Bates – Márton Hegedűs: Short and long dissipation test evaluation in the manner of an embedded system?


Not finalized :

History ISMES and some Pressuremeter dissipation test data...?


ISC6 SPECIAL SOIL BEHAVIOR-  hybrid workshop (Professor László Rétháti memory workshop)

(cca 20 to 30 min/lecture) 

Tentative date: 14:00 to 16:00 OR 16h to 18h September 30th

Location: Hungarian Academy of Sciences

LINK to the meeting

Tentative Program

  • Jean-Sébastien L'Heureux - NGI : Sensitive/quick clay  in Norway
  • Szilvia Simon:  Surface salinization from deep source
  • Edina Koch: Hungarian dike failure report – food for thought  
  • János Lógó: Optimisation in water construction engineering ….results until now
  • Emőke Imre, Lachlan Bates:  Szeged soils, Ballina soil
  • El Imre : Prof. L. Rétháti


Not finalized

  • Miklós Juhász: Szeged Soils
  • Limin Zhang: Gouhou dam failure
  • E. Imre : A note on the Gouhou dam failure


ISC6  MSW Landfill : material, energy – biogas hybrid workshop

Tentative date:  15:50 to 17:00 30. September CET

LINK to the meeting

(cca 20 to 30 min/lecture) 

 Tentative Program (20 min/lecture)

  • Kornél Kovács: A stimulating bacterium in the methane development, H2 production
  • DNS- Arif Mohammad : Decomposition Characteristics of Municipal Solid Waste in a Bioreactor Landfill
  • László Tóth, Emőke Imre, J. Ősz et al : Wind energy plant easurement on the top of a landfill hill – Hungary statistics
  • Viktória Parrag : Hyperspectral imaging – in food and  waste industry and in soil science
  • F. Lezsovits & EGRT: turbine for landfill gas?
  • F. Lezsovits & EGRT: …Pusztazámor – solar energy plant?
  • Ágnes Bálint: Soil Pollution

Not finalized:

  • Ian Fleming : MSW testing and energy production ?
  • Gábor Mile - John McDougall: Settlement measurement ?
  • Flanek :



“Gravitation (tide) effects among others in the measurements”

Date: 14:00 to 15:30, October 1, 2021 CET

LINK to the meeting

Tentative program:

  • Bruno Meurers, Gábor Papp, Hannu Ruotsalainen, Judit Benedek and Roman Leonhardt : Environmental effects in tilt and gravity residuals observed at Conrad Observatory (Austria)
  • Völgyesi Lajos: Development of the Eötvös balances: automatization and readout
  • Szondy György: Eötvös balance, the everythingmeter: environmental effects
  • Ván Péter: The weak equivalence principle and the 5th force: the new Eötvös experiment
  • Mező György: Data collection and data processing: the example of Eötvös balance networks
  • Gyula Tóth: Outlier tolerant automated inversion of noisy data captured on the Eötvös torsion balance


INVERSE PROBLEMS hybrid workshop – on the memory of Professor Schanz

“Parameter identification, model validation, real-time systems”


Date: Date: 11:00 to 13:00 October 1, 2021

LINK to the meeting

Tentative program:

  • Sai Sri Harsha: Inverse modeling in geotechnics - some lessons learned
  • Chenyang Zhao :  "A hybrid model for mechanized tunnel excavation",
  • Elham Mahmoudi :"Reliability-based Robust Design Optimization of a Rock Salt Cavern"
  • Tamas Pfeil: An immuno-chemical model some thoughts before parameter identification
  • Péter Bakucz: Traffic and automated car development
  • Peter Berzi: Secant method in multidimension

Not finalized

  • Ágota Dregelyi: Error estimation in relation to measurements
  • Gerald Verbeek:
  • Emőke Imre : Hierarchical parameter identification and reliability testing


GRADING CURVE - Gyan Pande memory workshop- part 1

Date: 16:00 to 18:00 Sept. 30. CET

Location: Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Tentative program (cca 15 to 20  min/presentation):

  • John McDougall: The grading curves on the entropy diagram – a representation  of salt dissolution and grading entropy diagram
  • Casini – Guida : Fracture tests and Weibull distribution for the grading curves
  • Wiebke Baille: sand/silt mixtures (Rahemi/Baille/Wichtmann)
  • Daniel Barreto and ...: Fine content  -
  • Imre et al : Fractals and grading curves
  • Ákos Nemcsics : A pattern of rocks

Not finalized:

  • E Imre et al :  Breakage test path 


GRADING CURVE - Gyan Pande memory workshop – part 2

Date: 18:00 to 20:00. Oct. 1. CET

LINK to the meeting

Tentative program (cca 15 to 20 min/presentation):

  • Min Wang: Role of Gradation Curve in Description of Mechanical Behavior of Unsaturated Soils – Pande
  • Shuyin Feng: k and grading curve
  • Hans-Georg Mattutis: Shape effects, friction
  • Janos Török: Edwards Statistical Physicsin granular matter modelling
  • Daniel Barreto: Critical state and DEM


Not finalized:

  • Wiebke Baille- Maria Datcheva  :  SWCC of three soils with the same grading entropy coordinates
  • E Imre et al : Grading entropy - fractals – critical state friction angle and density
  • Fityus et al: Open mine rehabilitation work and soil maturity?
  • K. Rajkai  – Imre E – Wiebke Baille: SWCC and the grading entropy theory
  • Fityus et al: Open mine rehabilitation work and soil maturity