We have closely followed the developments worldwide over the past months, and it is with regret that we must inform you, that ISC'6 will be postponed to 2021. We believe this decision is in everyone's best interest, as the global pandemic of COVID-19 has the world in it's grasp. This health crisis and it's effect on the world will most likely persist throughout the year, therefore we cannot, with good conscience hold the conference this autumn.

This does not mean, that the conference has been cancelled, quite the contrary. We are at current working hard in arranging a date for next year and hammering out the details of the postponement. We will be disclosing details as soon as we have finalized them. All registrations to the conference and accompanying events, such as the Gala Dinner or workshops will be valid for the new date.

Similarly, we will be publishing all papers submitted to the conference in next year's proceedings. As this means a delay to the initial publishing date, we will be opening up the opportunity for authors to further expand on their work and submit additional papers if they wish to. As soon as we set a new date, we will be disclosing new paper deadlines as well.
We would like to thank you for your understanding in this matter and your support in our efforts to organize a conference which meets the highest expectations.
We also appreciate that some delegates will have committed to travel plans and recognize the inconvenience that this news may cause.
We would like to take this opportunity to wish you well and trust that our decision to postpone ISC'6 will help in the fight of this global epidemic.